Hoppr, museums gone mobile

Tours, news and information from museums on your smartphone.

visit m.hoppr.eu with iOS and Android

visit m.hoppr.eu with iOS and Android
  • Beautiful slideshows
  • High quality audio
  • Up-to-date news
  • Practical information
  • Easy to use
  • iOS 4.3+ and Android 2.3+

An astonishing guide

Let yourself be guided by the most professional speakers and dream away with gourgeous details of the artworks. Flip through images manually or watch a slideshow with synchronized audio.

Each stop is produced with care, so the only thing you have to do is enjoy.


Easy interface

Browse tours and stops with the familiar and easy to use interface. Everything is carefully designed with the touchscreen in mind.


Learn more

Each stop has information about the artwork: artist name and date of birth, used materials, dimensions, date of creation, etc… An audio guide has never been so informative!


Stay up to date

Each organization has a blog with frequent updates, so that you always have the latest news in your pocket.

icon_iphone Hoppr on your iPhone and Android Phone Hoppr is a web app. Simply go to m.hoppr.eu. icon_iphone Do you work at a museum? See what Hoppr can do for your museum.